V&A Dundee Cabinet


The V&A Dundee Boardroom Cabinet references and elaborates on the fine joinery details of the Boardroom Table, specifically the distinctive opposing fillet that runs around the perimeter of the tables top and the geometry of the cable exits on the hatch doors.
The opposing fillets are employed on every vertical plane and the routed details that are used as cable exits on the table are employed as subtle, but intuitive, drawer and door handles.
The continuation of these details in the cabinet aesthetically tie the two pieces together, thus allowing the Cabinet to be subtle and timeless within the space, while being a significant piece within its own right.
As the Suspension Table top is planked along the short edge to create the illusion of continuous grain, this resulted in a number of cut sections that could not contribute to the area of the top. Jarvie was keen to make inventive use of this excess Scottish Ash (from the same tree) to create a very special companion piece to the table.


V&A Dundee Cabinet designed by Scott Jarvie

V&A Dundee Cabinet Corner Detail designed by Scott Jarvie





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