Product Design Glasgow

Our process encompasses concept, development and presentation, treating each with equal importance, and applying the same creative curiosity and technical rigor. This holistic approach ensures we are able to offer a turnkey 3d design solution or assist in a specific area, depending on the client’s requirements.
We have successfully designed and developed a wide range of best selling products, a number of which resulted in novel intellectual property, leading to successful patent applications.
Our pragmatic approach puts an emphasis on consolidating form and function, through a design process informed by the project constraints. We can engage with everything from proof of concept prototyping to high finish ergonomic studies and from photorealistic visualisations to the production of CAD files for cutting injection moulding tooling. We also apply the same keen attention to detail to our communication and project management.

Jarvie-Design : Product Design Glasgow, Scotland


Ideas are at the heart of what we do. We take special care interpreting the design requirements of the project and crafting a well informed and creative response. The concept stage is about understanding what is at the heart of the project and defining what makes it special.

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We take concepts from ideas to reality. Our design development approach is underpinned by a broad understanding of materials and processes. The design development stage is about bringing the concept to life, ensuring its beauty is not only maintained but enhanced through technical development.

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The same careful consideration that is applied to the concept and development phase is also practised at the presentation stage. The presentation phase is about telling the story of what is special about a design and celebrating it.

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