Macallan 18 Year

Concept and secondary packaging design for The Macallan 18 Year.
Historically fine whiskeys have been packaged within boxes or tubes. These are linear containers that speak little of the unique nature of their precious contents. The vision for the MacAllan 18 Year Secondary Packaging concept was to celebrate the beauty of this magical spirit by referencing the bow of the barrow, the contour of the still and the arc of the pour.

This design journey began by considering what makes The Macallan unique – The 6 Pillars. Each of these pillars is represented as a facet of the structure, which was made possible through a pioneering a card manipulation technique that allowed complex surfaces to be derived from a single sheet of material.
Luxury is often associated with a decadent approach to material. We redefined this perception by using simplematerials in an innovative manner.

The technical challenge of this packaging design project was to create a system that would allow the box to be top loaded on a bottling line. Our solution was to create an injection moulded bezel and top cap that are fitted by means of a non-returning deflecting clip. The top cap moulding also features a spring retention feature to hold the bottle closure.




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