Njord Display System


Jarvie was commissioned by the leading London based property branding and marketing agency, Wordsearch, to design and produce a display system for Njord for their exhibition at the Monaco Yacht Show. Wordsearch had developed an articulate, rich, visual identity with an oversized publication and were looking for a display system that would allow Njord to tailor their presentation in response to the context of the event.

With this in mind, we created a modular and fully dismantlable display system. This consisted of a table-top bookstand and floor stand. The system is designed so that the table stands can work autonomously or be mounted to a floor stand tripod if table space is limited.

The floor stands can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily without the need for additional tools. The legs are slid onto a central column along tapered dovetail rails and the table stand is fastened to the tripod assembly using a hex key that is magnetically concealed in the central column. This allows the system to be quickly and easily transported and stored between events.

The full grain leather strap on the book stop is heat debossed with the Njord Logo.

More information on Wordsearch

Njord Display System - disassembled

Njord display system

Njord Display System - Floor Stand

Njord Display System - Dovetail Detail

Njord Display System - Hex Key storage detail

Njord Display System - Floor stand top detail

Njord Display System - Leather blocking branding detail




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