Switcheroo Sofa

Customisable furniture design project for a modular sofa system. The Switchroo Sofa is a modular seating system that is designed to be flexible within any interior context. As sofa seating is generally the most visually dominant element in a lounge situation, sitters tend to select upholstery fabrics in very conservative colours. This is despite often wanting something more daring and exciting. This situation arises as the decision is seen as irreversible. Thus it has to be right first time. This results in a risk averse approach to selection.

The furniture design of the Switcheroo Sofa allows sitters to select a neutral base colour that will not visually overwhelm, then select changeable arm end panels and cushion covers that can transform the aesthetic of the Sofa. This allows sitters to fit end covers to coordinate with other elements in the room, update colour panels to better suit a new environment or change panels seasonally.













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