Lakeland Mini Shelf

Consultancy product design project for Lakeland. The Mini Shelf is a folding shelf that can easily be installed in spaces that are not conducive for fitting traditional shelving. The legs fold down to facilitate distribution and are rotated into location by the user to assemble the shelf. The product easily stacks and requires no tools for installation.

The product design features a variable density hexagonal reinforcement system. As the legs interfere with the rib depth through the centre of the shelf section, it was necessary to develop a bracing system that would equalise the load across the entire component. The solution was inspired by cellular structures in nature – where cell density varies in accordance with structural requirements. Finite Element Analysis illustrates how the hexagonal bracing pattern mitigates against displacement and evenly spreads the load across the entire surface.

When the leg is folded out the rotating clipping element firmly locates the leg in the assembled position and can be pushed in to unlock the leg.

The offset ribs run in the direction that objects are placed/removed from the shelf and the Lakeland logo is seamlessly integrated with this functional feature. The product has been developed to work in conjunction with the Corner Handle Storage Container.









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