Power Boat

Power boat design concept. The vessel features a cockpit area that comfortably accommodates 3 people and a removable sun deck that conceals a seating and dining facility for a further 5-6 people. The boat is designed for enjoying both the water and the sun. It offers elegant marine transport, a generous sun deck and ample space to entertain. The 19ft power boat design concept is constructed from a minimal number of GRP elements, all produced from fundamental tooling, giving the vessel a seamless aesthetic.

In ‘Sun Deck Mode’ the seating cavity is covered by a compressible waterproof cover. This provides a comfortable surface on which to recline, thus offering a facility to enjoy the sun when the boat is not in motion. It also provides a cover against spray and the elements, ensuring that water drains off the surface. The cover can be removed and stored, as part of its structural integrity is provided by the support offered by the table in the seating cavity.

In ‘Entertaining Mode’ the sundeck can be removed to offer additional seating capacity for 5 to 6 people. There is also a central table that features a Champagne ice bucket for entertaining in style.











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