Lakeland Cling Film Dispenser

Consultancy kitchenware design project for Lakeland. The dispenser is a dedicated solution for storing and dispensing rolls of cling film, grease proof paper and aluminium foil. The design is a single moulding that folds through 180 degrees to encapsulate the roll.
When cutting cling film, the combination of the deep rib on the top side of the moulding and the generous distance between the moulded blade and the film, ensures that the film does not stick to the roll after cutting. Making it easier for the user to access the end of the film after cutting.

The product not only surpasses competing products from a functional standpoint, but its tooling efficiency is unprecedented in the product category and in kitchenware design in general. It is a single moulded component that articulates by means of a living hinge and the blade is a moulded feature. The split line that divides the end caps suitably retains the roll and provides finger access to the loose end of the roll.

Materials: Polypropylene (PP)
Client: Lakeland







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