Lakeland Dish Drainer

Product design for Lakeland, the Dish Drainer offers the user a flexible storage and draining system.  Dishes can be stacked to drain a in host of ways and cutlery can either be stored in the cutlery container in the body of the rack or it can be attached to the outside when space is at a premium. The cutlery pot is designed to drain into the drainage channel of the rack when placed in either position.

The product can be configured to either drain or retain water in a number of ways depending on the needs of the user. It can be set either to drain the water from the long or short edge or can be set to retain water. This is achieved by changing the position of the two sets of differently-sized detachable silicone feet. The draining spouts on the product only come into effect when the feet are set to incline the product to drain. This means that the draining spout does not rely on moving parts or additional components, ensuring efficient drainage and easy cleaning. The prong system allows the user to hang cups, mugs and glasses around the perimeter of the product while providing excellent ventilation and saving space in the body of the product.



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