Fingerprint Pavilion

Architectural concept for the Lightbox in Woking. The ambition of the Fingerprint Pavilion is to communicate the essence of the Lightbox Gallery – where progressive art is presented in a context that maintains a deep respect for the Woking area’s historical identity. The symbolism of the human fingerprint is employed to articulate this and to thematically consolidate the dichotomic nature of an organisation that is a home for both local history and the Avant-garde, as the human fingerprint is an icon of individual identity regardless of origin.

The Fingerprint Pavilion employs progressive techniques in architecture in order to create a simple fundamental structure and system, rationalised from more complex geometry. This means that the resulting pavilion is easily manufactured, transported and constructed. It is constructed from 18mm Spruce plywood sheet and is truly an environmentally sustainable solution. It has a 35 square meter footprint and is suitably weatherproof.






fingerprint_05_Jarvie fingerprint_06_Jarvie


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