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Core77 showcase Scott Jarvie’s ‘Fantastic’ Product Design Portfolio

‘Fantastic Industrial Design Work’ – Core77 has put together an in depth feature celebrating a wide selection of Scott Jarvie’s Product Design Portfolio.

Core77 is a leading global online industrial design platform. The site features interesting and innovative industrial design stories from around the world. Rain Noe of Core77 has put together an in depth feature of 7 designs in Jarvie’s Product Design Portfolio.

Fantastic Industrial Design Work by Scott Jarvie’
‘Elegant, practical, sexy and smart, this is the best darn portfolio we’ve seen in a while….

… ‘It’s been a while since someone’s portfolio knocked my socks off, so I was pleased to come across the work of Scotland-based product designer Scott Jarvie, principal of Jarvie-Design. I’m loving how Jarvie combines a mastery of form with both practicality and visual storytelling.’
Rain Noe – Core77

Product Design Portfolio on Core77

The article features a broad selection of past projects from Jarvie’s Product Design Portfolio. From packaging to lighting and from furniture to kitchenware.
Illustrating Jarvie’s ability to work across design disciplines, employing various materials and manufacturing processes. Rain Noe comments – ‘Plastic, glass, metal, wood, Jarvie works with it all.’ and adds -‘Jarvie combines a mastery of form with both practicality and visual storytelling.’

Read the full article on the Core77 website.

Since my time at University I have always regarded Core77 as the leading platform for Industrial Design and Innovation. So I am thrilled to that Core77 has put together such a positive and in depth feature of my work.

Scott Jarvie

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